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 The Profitable Business of Selling eBooks

Making money has never been as easy as it is in today’s time. With the rise of e-commerce and online businesses, it is now easier to start your business. One such business is to sell eBooks. Online eBooks Business selling opportunities are skyrocketing these days. This is because there are various channels through which you can sell eBooks online.





What is an eBook?

The chances of you not knowing what an eBook is are slim. Still, for those of you who are not aware of it, an eBook is a digital book. You can either download It or read it online. Most published books nowadays are available in eBook format. But, you can write one yourself or hire people to write them. The ease of writing and publishing an eBook has been a haven for all the writers.

Now, you can target a niche of your choice. You can do so by writing books like manuals, travel-guides and self-help books. In online eBooks, you are the controller of whether the book gets published or not. You don’t have to run after publishers in attempts to get them to read your book. Instead, if you feel like it has the potential, you can publish it for the world to see. There are various eBook websites templates available. These templates allow you to transform your hobby into a business. You can create a hub of writers and publish content you think people will pay for.

People that might inspire you

Are you afraid of starting your online eBook business? Do you think you won’t get your big break as a self-published writer? Well, you will be happy to know that recently, many such writers have seen success. One of the biggest success stories recently has been that of Hugh Howey. This science-fiction author has sold over 30,000 copies of his books within a month. This allowed generating a lot of income for himself as well.

Similarly, Amanda Hocking has made a fortune for herself. She has done so by selling her self-published fantasy novels through Amazon. She has witnessed even more success than Hugh Howey. Her total sales are well over a million in volume and over $2 million in income.


Selling books online, clothing, furniture or electronics, gives good returns when starting an online store if you want to know more about how to be involved in this medium or want to move forward in this sector we invite you to continue reading

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Where to sell your eBooks?

The question arises, what channel should you use to sell your eBooks. Well, there are various options available which include the following:

Set your own website

Now setting your own website is a piece of cake. All you need to do is buy a domain and you can begin. There are various eBook website templates for you to choose from. Add a shopping cart and payment options to it. Viola! You are ready. The best part about using your own website to sell eBooks is that you get to control the entire process.

Use a third-party site

If you are too lazy to make and maintain a website of your own, you can always use a third-party site. This option allows you to focus on producing content. Meanwhile, others take care of all the technicalities. Amazon is one of the best options in this case. This is because it is the biggest online bookseller. Hence masses visit the platform daily. While they charge a commission per sale, the reach you get with Amazon is unmatched. As per different surveys, a whopping 38% of the sales in Amazon are that of self-published writers.


As you can see, selling eBooks online is a profitable business. All the writers out there should use it to their benefit. It is time to make money off of your talent.